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Surprise Yourself

Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone

Jocelyn has always loved helping people to explore who they are so that they can become  the best of themselves. She owned a boutique for 15 years, importing clothes from Europe for a group of private clients. She enjoyed seeing the look of surprise on her clients’ faces when they loved the outfits they put on. One client said, “Wow, I feel so out of the box in a good way. I needed someone to take me by the hand and show me what’s possible, so that I could go out into the world feeling confident, stylish, and put together.”

Now, Jocelyn handcrafts beautiful demi-fine jewelry that transforms the wearer into that classy, feminine woman who adores luxury and loves to stand out. 

Jocelyn’s inspiration for designing jewelry comes from growing up in South Africa, a country of contrasts. She learned to combine the exotic, the primitive and the elegant. She says, "I love it when sophisticated European elegance meets the organic and earthy."

Her clients love being able to hold gorgeous gemstones like labradorite, moonstone and citrine and then wrap themselves in the luxury of what the earth has generously offered up. 

Jocelyn pays close attention to her customers style, coloring and desires. She enjoys the relationship that is created and together figuring out which piece is absolutely stunning and YOU! 

Jocelyn’s pieces speak to the dazzling combination of chain, diamonds, gemstones, and pearls. She offers a few different jewelry collections such as casual, special occasion, seasonal and always HEAD TURNING!

When designing a piece, Jocelyn asks herself many questions that challenge her to design the best that she can.

  • How would my clients feel when they put this necklace on?
  • Does this piece communicate my signature style as a designer?
  • Is this piece unique?
  • Will people covet this?
  • Is it sexy, bold and dramatic
  • Ultimately, I design pieces that make my customers feel FABULOUS
  • So go on, BE BOLD, SURPRISE yourself and adorn yourself with RAW ELEGANCE.

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